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Truth Matters

Truth Matters
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"Truth matters. Mike Dailey matters. We all matter. That's the message of this work---that through a love revolution, what matters in each of us can be celebrated not just tolerated."
-- Tavis Smiley
Author, Television and Radio Show

"Please check out this work by my Dear Brother Michael Dailey Brother Dailey is an incredible thinker, he is very talented with an extraordinary vision I am blessed to be a part of this project - "Truth Matters A Love Revolution"."
-- Cornel West

"Mike Dailey is one of the most positive and authentic brothers I've ever met, A talented producer, sharp thinker and gifted facilitator. he is skilled at bringing together desperate forces for a common goal. Now that he has moved into literary endeavors, I'm confident that his considerable abilities will continue to shine! Pick up this wonderful book an get a sense of his tremendous vision!"
-- Michael Dyson

Truth Matters A Love Revolution

Michael Dailey presents the words and work of Dr. Cornel West in Truth Matters: A Love Revolution." The goal of this work is to inform and empower the African American community in a healthy way, with the hope that we will never forget our history and its rich tradition of struggle for freedom and justice.

Dailey wants people to be able to hear the poetic rap side of Cornel West as well. Most people don't take West's musical side seriously, so Dailey transcribed some of the work that he and Dr. West did in the recording studio so that people could read the depth of West's poetry rap and gain a better understanding of his thoughts regarding the struggles and pains of African Americans.

This work has received the support of some of the industry's top artists and intellectuals: Michael E Dyson, Tavis Smiley, Marcia Dyson, Nikki Giovanni, Prince, and KRS-ONE, to name a few. Many of these people are in the book dialogue mentioned above in a section entitled "Notes and Quotes." It is a section where people like Prince, Nikki Giovanni, and Sinbad share their thoughts on the work of Dr. Cornel West.

"TRUTH MATTERS: A LOVE REVOLUTION" addresses many African American issues in today's society. In the section entitled, The Voice of Everyday People, we also examination critiques of Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, two soldiers who offered their own critique of Obama's presidency.

Dr. West gives his deep, intellectual opinions on many subjects, including race, corruption and politics, as well as his critical thoughts on President Obama's presidency and how the President takes Black folks for granted.

Michael E. Dyson also shares his deep analogy of many issues that plague African Americans as well as his thoughts on President Obama. He also speaks on why Mitt Romney would have been a mistake as the choice for president in his run against President Obama.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, a long distance runner for justice, has spent the last 30 years in the Pennsylvania State Prison industry, 29 of those years in solitary confinement on death row. He writes in this book with much compassion and love without hate as he articulates the struggle of the human race as a whole, sharing his thoughts on the prison system and his views on having a black president in office. He shares his opinion that having a black president hasn't made much difference for Black people in America.

Although it is looking bleak in the Black community of America, does Obama need to have a Black agenda? Malcolm Jamal Warner speaks candidly on his thoughts in this book, stating that Obama never promised Black folks a Black agenda, so why would we expect him to have a Black agenda as the president? The president is the president for all people in America.

In putting this book together, Dailey hopes to create an atmosphere that makes reading fun again, that is informative, and that reaches people, especially the youth. He wants it to inspire them to think outside the box, to think for themselves, and to experience a critical dialogue between one another with less heat.

There is a lot of pain in America that needs to heal no doubt racism, misogyny, homophobia, materialism, jealousy, corruption, and greed, for sure says Dailey. This will be the fall of mankind, because God said so! Non-believers, He is in control, so get out the way and let this journey of truth begin.

Michael Dailey

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