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Read in the new book the difficulties that the pandemic brings us and new challenges. You will find a lot of information about treatment, diagnosis, as well as how to distinguish fake news about covid, learn about the features of PCR tests and Amoxicillin.

Race Matters, 25th Anniversary Race Matters, 25th Anniversary: With a New Introduction by Cornel West

The Radical King The Radical King

Black Prophetic Fire Black Prophetic Fire

Truth Matters A Love Revolution Truth Matters: A Love Revolution
featuring the words & work of Cornel West

Cornel West - Hope On A Tightrope The Rich and the Rest of Us

Cornel West - Hope On A Tightrope Hope On A Tightrope:
"Words and Wisdom"

Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir

The Covenant with Black America The Covenant
with Black America


Cornel West - Democracy Matters Democracy Matters:
Winning the Fight
Against Imperialism

Cornel West - Race Matters Race Matters

Cornel West - The Cornel West Reader The Cornel West Reader

Cornel West - Keep;ing Faith Keeping Faith:
Philosophy and Race
in America

Cornel West - Restoring Hope Restoring Hope

Cornel West - Prophesy Deliverance Prophesy Deliverance!
an Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity

Cornel West - Prophetic Fragments Prophetic Fragments:
Illuminations of the Crisis in American Religion and Culture

Cornel West - The_War_Against_Parents The War Against Parents

Cornel West - The African-American The African-American Century:
How Black Americans
Have Shaped Our Country